That’s Amore

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” – Federico Fellini Hi Three to Five Tribe! Today I want to throw it back to June 2011 when I was lucky enough to be traveling around Greece and Southern Italy while I was enrolled in a “Culinary Journalism” class during grad school. *Side note: This study abroad trip never […]

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Whole30 Stuffed Peppers

“Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy.” – Julia Childs Hi Three to Five Tribe! Growing up as a young child, I saw my mother make stuffed peppers from time to time. It was a  dish that was, and still is, one of my father’s favorites. After the peppers were placed inside the oven, the magic began. Soon […]

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Bison Meat, the New Beef

“The buffalo represents the people and the universe and should always be treated with respect. For was he not here before the two-legged peoples, and is he not generous in that he gives us our homes and our food?“ – Oglala Sioux holy man Black Elk, The Sacred Pipe, 1953 Hi Three to Five Tribe! Today, […]

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Brooklyn Biltong

Hi Three to Five Tribe! I want to share with you a new Whole30 approved food find courtesy of Brooklyn Biltong. Biltong is a better beef jerky and I have ten reasons you should give it a try! Read up on my 10 Reasons to Eat Biltong and then order a bag of Brooklyn Biltong for yourself. […]

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10 Reasons Fat is Your Friend

“Dietary fat does not make you fat.” – Shawn Mynar, The Fat Burning Female Project Hi Three to Five Tribe! A while back I had some health & wellness podcast recommendations for the tribe. One in particular has become my new favorite, “The Nourished Podcast” with Meg Doll and Shawn Mynar. I highly recommend you give it […]

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40 Days without Coffee

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and as sweet as love.” – Turkish Proverb Hi Three to Five Tribe! Happy March and Happy Ash Wednesday! Last year for Lent, I completed my first Whole30 for the year, which then inspired me to complete three more for a grand total of four Whole30s for […]

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The Veggie I Cannot Live Without

“Brussel sprouts are misunderstood – probably because most people don’t know how to cook them properly.” – Todd English Hi Three to Five Tribe! I have recently developed a new obsession for Brussel Sprouts. For my entire life (thus far), I never enjoyed them, particularly their smell when cooking. However, I have a new found appreciation for these […]

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