FRUIGEES is Squeezing in the Good Stuff One Pouch at a Time Hi Three to Five Tribe! A good friend of mine recently introduced me to a new company, FRUIGEES. (Fruit + Veggies = FRUIGEES). See what they did there? #genius Today I want to tell you all about FRUIGEES and how they are helping […]

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Paleo Scavenger Turns Three

Happy 3rd Birthday Paleo Scavenger! Hi Three to Five Tribe! Today I would like to dedicate this blog post to Paleo Scavenger in honor of their third birthday. (Happy Birthday Paleo Scavenger!) If you have never heard of Paleo Scavenger, where have you been? Today I am going to tell you all about this deliciously […]

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Keto Explained

“Don’t blame the butter for what the bread did.” – Unknown Hi Three to Five Tribe! For the past two months I have been practicing a Keto lifestyle. (Think 80% of daily calories coming from healthy fat sources). Yes I know, cue the gasps, but remember, dietary fat does not make you fat! Healthy fat sources […]

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50+ Days without Coffee

“I gave up coffee. It’s almost worse than giving up a lover.” – Sandra Bullock Hi Three to Five Tribe! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebrating with family and friends. If you recall, this year for Lent I gave up my beloved coffee. Read more about it here! I am happy to report no […]

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Bison Meat, the New Beef

“The buffalo represents the people and the universe and should always be treated with respect. For was he not here before the two-legged peoples, and is he not generous in that he gives us our homes and our food?“ – Oglala Sioux holy man Black Elk, The Sacred Pipe, 1953 Hi Three to Five Tribe! Today, […]

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Health & Wellness Podcasts

“So…I was listening to a podcast…” – Me, at least once every day  Hi Three to Five Tribe! If any of you know me you know I LOVE podcasts. Nowadays, I usually start off a conversation by saying, “So…I was listening to a podcast.” (If you are someone who is near and dear to me, […]

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Eat Real Food by Julie Montagu

“She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.” – Julie Montagu, the Flexi Foodie, Eat Real Food Good morning guys and gals! It’s great to be back. I had every intention of writing last Sunday, but decided to take the day to observe the Easter Sunday holiday with family and enjoy the day in […]

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