All About Ashley


My name is Ashley Martens and I am a twenty something living and working in Chicago.

The Basics

Health + Wellness Writer
Passion for Nutrition
General Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition
University of Iowa Graduate (Go Hawkeyes!)
Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in Communications
Background in Digital Marketing

My Philosophy

Everybody and every body is different.
Find a way to move your body each and every day.
Don’t make it complicated, just eat real, whole foods because live foods support life.
If God made it, eat it!
If man made it, avoid it.
You eat three to five meals a day, so you have three to five opportunities to eat real food.

Join the Three to Five Tribe and come along for the ride. It’s always an adventure!

Live Happy, Healthy & Fabulously three to five meals at a time,

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