I Went Pescatarian 50+ Days, Here’s What Happened

Hi Three to Five Tribe! As some of you may remember, I gave up meat for Lent this year. I also completed one of my favorites – a Whole30. Although I practiced a Whole30 pescatarian and plant-based lifestyle up until Easter (with a proper Whole30 reintroduction protocol of course) I am still practicing a pescatarian lifestyle. Here’s how life has been eating fish for 50+ days.

Practicing a Pescatarian Lifestyle

When I first considered adapting a pescatarian plant-based lifestyle, I was hesitant. I couldn’t imagine giving up my favorite meals like cauliflower gnocchi with balsamic chicken, pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables like broccoli or Brussel sprouts with roasted sweet potatoes. Don’t even get me started on giving up grilled beef, but I knew once I set my mind out to do something, I could accomplish it. (Case in point Whole90).

After mentally preparing myself for the self-assigned challenge ahead, I made sure my kitchen was fully stocked with plenty of seafood options like ahi tuna, cod, salmon, scallops, shrimp and plenty of vegetables. I also researched new recipes like this Baked Italian Cod and in the process discovered new foods like coconut aminos.

When adopting a pescatarian plant-based lifestyle, I was concerned about not feeling full after meals. Seafood is satiating, but not like other protein-sources like beef, chicken or pork. Surprisingly, I found myself feeling both satisfied and satiated after my seafood-based meals. I also woke up in the mornings feeling lighter and even lost a few pounds in the process.

Many of my family members were concerned about me consuming an adequate amount of protein each day, but I also kept consuming my usual go to’s like bone broth, collagen and eggs to ensure I was eating enough protein-rich foods. Once I completed my Lenten Whole30 and the proper reintroduction protocol, I also included plant-based proteins into some of my meals like adding black beans to my homemade burrito bowls, which added in more variety to my weekly meals.

The one downside I found when eating a seafood based diet is that I did not include enough fat sources in my dinnertime meals. Often times, I would wake up between 2am-3am with a blood sugar crash and subsequently cortisol spike. (After my hormone health journey with my NTP, I know my body well enough to know when something is not calibrated properly). Needless to say, my sleep was interrupted and I often times woke up in the mornings way later than usual due to a night of interrupted sleep. Knowing this, I should have done a better job at incorporating at least one high quality fat in my dinnertime meals.

Overall, I was quite surprised with how much I enjoyed swapping my usual animal proteins for seafood sources, so much so that, here I am, 50+ days later and I am still practicing a pescatarian plant-based lifestyle. I will eat chicken, pork and my beloved beef once again, but only when I have a taste for it. Until then, I will be enjoying my seafood based meals paired with my favorite roasted vegetables.

If you are considering a pescatarian lifestyle and have questions, connect with me here or over on Instagram.

Enjoying seafood three to five days a week,

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