Coconut Aminos

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Although my Lenten Whole30 has concluded and I am on to the reintroduction portion, my reintroduction is currently postponed until I can go to the grocery store to pick up some foods that I am interested in reintroducing into my daily diet. Note: I am perfectly health, but am doing my part and staying home for as long as possible to practice social distancing.

No matter how many times I partake in a Whole30, I always learn something new. Whether it’s a new food find, a new recipe or something about my health, there’s always something new to discover. My latest discovery is a Whole30 approved substitute for soy sauce – coconut aminos.

Coconut Aminos

Coconut aminos are a liquid made from the aged sap of coconut blossoms, which are then mixed with salt. Gluten-free, low-glycemic and Vegan, coconut aminos contain 17 amino acids and contain 65% less sodium than traditional soy sauce. It’s also delicious!

I usually enjoy coconut aminos for a dipping sauce when I make seared Ahi tuna, but it also pairs well with seared scallops. I most often use it as a topping for cauliflower rice and roasted broccoli. Think of it as like a homemade Asian bowl. Although coconut aminos are similar to soy sauce, it definitely has a sweeter taste than soy sauce, since it contains less sodium than soy sauce.

I usually purchase my coconut aminos at Trader Joe’s, but I have also seen brands at Whole Foods. Whether you are looking to decrease your sodium intake or are looking for a Whole30 approved soy sauce that isn’t soy sauce, try coconut aminos.

Enjoying coconut aminos three to five splashes at a time,

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