I Am Giving Up Meat for 50 Days, Here’s Why

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Last Wednesday marked the start of the Lenten season and this year I am resorting to my fall back – I am doing a Whole30. If you have been following along on my health and wellness journey, you know I am no stranger to the Whole30 program. (Flashback to that one time I completed a Whole90). It’s safe to say Whole30’s have become my way of life ever since 2016 with the exception of a few foods. (I am looking at you overnight oats and cauliflower gnocchi). However, this year I am incorporating a new element into my Lenten Whole30. It’s something I have always wanted to give up for Lent, but never have – meat.

Why I Am Giving Up Meat for 50 Days

I have read countless articles and studies why limiting animal protein is good for you and your health. (Hello Blue Zones). So for the next 50 days (okay really it’s 46 days, but 50 just sounds so much better for the blog title) I will be focusing on a plant-based diet and incorporating Whole30 approved protein sources like collagen, eggs and fresh seafood.

During this time, I will be following a sWhole30 protocol for the first 30 days of Lent, followed by a systematic reintroduction leading up until Easter. At that point, I will then slowly begin to reintroduce animal food sources like beef, chicken, pork, turkey and Whole30 approved bacon. I am incredibly curious how my body and my health will respond to this dietary change. Although it’s only been one week of practicing a Whole30 pescatarian lifestyle, I am already feeling a difference, but that’s for another blog post at a later date.

From now until Easter, prepare to see a new range of blog post topics ranging from seafood recommendations to Whole30 approved recipes and if you have any recipe recommendations or would like to see something in particular, please let me know. In the meantime, I am curious if anyone else gives up anything for Lent. If so, please let me know over @312ChicagoBlonde. I would love to hear from you!

Enjoying meatless meals three to five meals a day,

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