Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Juices

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Remember the days when you could crack open a juice box and enjoy it without a care in the world? (Me too). Now as an adult, I am constantly looking at labels to meticulously review what ingredients are included. Unfortunately, most juices contain added sugar, so as I have left the days of cafeteria lunches and juice boxes behind, so have I also abandoned my love of juice. That is until I was introduced to Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Juices.

Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Juices

Garden of Flavor cold-presses organic berries, fruits, nuts and vegetables to create a line of energy elixirs, juices, juice cleanses and nut milks. All Garden of Flavor products are raw and are never flash pasteurized or heated, which allows the juices to retain their chlorophyll, living enzymes and vital nutrients.  Garden of Flavor’s products are all made from real, whole food ingredients, which means you (and your body) can actually recognize what you are enjoying.

BPA-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO and Vegan, Garden of Flavor resorts to the best source for all of their ingredients – Mother Nature. As they say, “Nature. We have nothing more to add.” Amen to that!

When it comes to Mother Nature, she knows best, which is why I appreciate brands, companies and products that leave it up to her for all of their ingredients. Garden of Flavor cold-pressed juices all provide pure joy and nothing but juice in each and every bottle, nothing extra – ever. If you are looking to elevate your juice game, check out Garden of Flavor and be sure to give them a follow over @garden_of_flavor.

Enjoying Garden of Life Cold-Pressed Juices three to five sips at a time,

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