Why You Should Be Purchasing Ceylon Cinnamon

Hi Three to Five Tribe! If you have been following my lovely little blog for a while now, you know I have a history of overdoing it on foods: cocoa nibbs, kimchi, nutritional yeast even Tootsie Rolls – you get the picture. For better or for worse, I have treated my body like a science experiment and if I have learned anything from my experimenting, it’s less is definitely more, especially when it comes to food and spices including one of my favorites – cinnamon. Although cinnamon is packed with beneficial antioxidants, there is one major mistake most people make when shopping for cinnamon and it could be detrimental to your liver health. Here’s what to look for when shopping for cinnamon.

Cassia Cinnamon vs. Ceylon Cinnamon

Most people are completely unaware there are two types of cinnamon: Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon. Cassia Cinnamon comes from Cassia Cinnamon sticks that are made from a single layer of bark and embody a strong and spicy taste. Ceylon Cinnamon, on the other hand, is known as true cinnamon. It’s grown on the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and has multilayered bark that is more citrusy, delicate and light in flavor.

Research has found Cassia Cinnamon contains a measurable amount of coumarin, a natural compound that acts as a blood thinner and causes liver toxicity when consumed in large amounts. Ceylon Cinnamon only has trace amounts of coumarin. If you are like me and plan on enjoying cinnamon in larger amounts, opt for Ceylon Cinnamon instead of Cassia Cinnamon.

Tip: If your store bought cinnamon does not specify the type of cinnamon on the label, it’s safe to say it’s Cassia Cinnamon. Translation: It’s time to upgrade!

Enjoying Ceylon Cinnamon three to five dashes a day,

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