The Chinese Body Clock

Hi Three to Five Team! If you have been reading this blog then you know I primarily discuss natural food and recipes, however, every now and then I like to cover broader health and wellness topics. Today I want to talk about sleep. If you struggle to sleep at night or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, try eating a more satiating snack before bedtime, but if you still find yourself waking up at an ungodly hour, consider the Chinese Body Clock.

The Chinese Body Clock

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body has a natural cycle of self-care in which self-regulating organs cleanse themselves during different times of the day.  Whether you find yourself waking up at 2am each night or always feel off during the afternoon, consider the Chinese Body Clock to discover where you may need some TLC to help your body out.

  • 1am-3am: Liver
  • 3am-5am: Lungs
  • 5am-7am: Large Intestine
  • 7am-9am: Stomach
  • 9am-11am: Spleen
  • 11am-1pm: Heart
  • 1pm-3pm: Small Intestine
  • 3pm-5pm: Bladder
  • 5pm-7pm: Kidney
  • 7pm-9pm: Pericardium
  • 9pm-11pm: Triple Burn
  • 11pm-1pm: Gallbladder

If you notice yourself waking up at certain times during the night or seem to hit a slump during certain times of the day, think of your body like a science experiment and take some time to research some viable options that may better support your body while it naturally detoxes.

Waking up between 1am-3am three to five nights a week,

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