The Fall Farmer’s Market Staple You Need

Hi Three to Five Tribe! I love the fall season. Between football and pumpkin everything, there’s a lot to love. One thing you may not like about the fall season is the end of outdoor farmers market season. Most farmer’s markets run through Halloween at the end of October and then move indoors, but other farmer’s markets may not make their debut again until April or May.  Although the farmer’s markets are teeming with fresh finds from the fall harvest, there is  one food you may overlook that I believe is a must have for the fall season – Indian corn.

Indian Corn Popcorn

Indian corn is a colorful crop that adorns most fall front door wreaths as well as tables during the fall season. Most people don’t know you can use this dried corn for, you guessed it, popcorn! It’s super simple. All you need is a small paper bag. That’s it!

Directions: Place one ear of corn in the paper bag then fold over so the bag is closed. Place in the microwave as you would normal popcorn then pop and enjoy!

Tip: I recommend using a little less time than the normal popcorn setting on your microwave as the popcorn has a tendency to burn quicker than store bought bagged popcorn.

Whether you are planning a movie night or need a crunchy and salty snack, stock up on Indian corn this fall and enjoy popcorn all season long.

Bonus: Most farmer’s markets sell Indian corn ears for $1, so it’s a great way to stock up on a fall favorite while simultaneously supporting local farmers.

Enjoying Indian corn popcorn three to five handfuls at a time,

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