The Hunger Scale

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Question: Are you hungry? My response: Always. (What can I say, I love food). In all seriousness though, do you ever feel yourself getting hungry and don’t know whether you should reach for a snack or have a full blown meal? There have been far too many times when I find myself hungry at 4pm and reach for a snack only to end up consuming (2-4) snacks, which then leads me to think, “Why didn’t I just make dinner?” Here is a nifty little hunger-fullness scale to help you decide when it’s time to eat and and when it’s time to stop.

The Hunger-Fullness Scale

Before grabbing a snack or making a meal, ask yourself where you fall on the hunger and fullness scale. Ideally you should be at a three or four. As you eat, continue to check in with yourself and ask yourself where are you on the scale now. Eat until you are at a six or seven then stop and end your meal.

1: Famished, faint and irritable (Hangry)
2: Very hungry and need food fast
3: Hungry and ready to eat
4: Beginning to feel physical signs of hunger (Growling stomach)
5: Physically full
6: Satisfied and no longer hungry
7: Slightly uncomfortable feeling of fullness
8: Feeling too full (Have to loosen your belt)
9: Too full (Have to unbutton pants)
10: Overstuffed and feeling sick

Tip: Check in with your body every (2-5) hours and evaluate to see if you are experiencing any hunger cues. This means (3) meals a day and (1-2) snacks depending on the day. For example, if I don’t sleep well and am lacking energy or have a really intense morning workout, those are the days I usually end up enjoying (1-2) snacks in between my meals.

Use this scale the next time you are hungry and see if you can eat until you are satisfied and satiated.

Enjoying three to five meals (and snacks) a day,

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