Ask the Diets

Hi Three to Five Tribe! I came across an Instagram image the other day that made me laugh out loud. Check it out here.

As the image so accurately illustrates, every diet has different guidelines. For example, when it comes to eating a banana every diet recommends something different:

Ketogenic Diet – A banana is a fruit and contains too many carbohydrates, so it’s best to opt for an option lower in carbs like berries.

Food Combining – In order to promote optimal digestion, fruit should be eaten 20-30 minutes before a meal or on an empty stomach entirely.

Intermittent Fasting – Practicing a period of fasting can be good for your digestive system, as well as your overall health, so if you practice intermittent fasting, only eat food during your eating window.

Whole30 – Sure! It’s a real, whole food.

Plant-Based – Yep! It’s a fruit and comes from a plant, not an animal, so go for it.

High-FODMAP – Probably not if you are currently eliminating high-FODMAP foods, but maybe if you are reintroducing them.

Common Sense – Do you like bananas? Are you hungry? Do bananas sound good enough to eat right now?

In all seriousness though, I have tried each one of these ways of eating at least once (or more) during the past decade and just now after working with my NTP for the second time, I am trying the easiest and most simplest way of eating – common sense!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for adjusting your diet and lifestyle to alleviate any health concerns and live a better life (food is the best medicine people), but nowadays the health and wellness industry has gotten so complicated, the simplest things, like eating, have become downright overwhelming, so what’s a girl to do?

Well, after treating my body like a science experiment and continuing to do so to this day, not to mention two rounds of work with my dedicated NTP, I am finally getting back to listening to my body and using common sense to tell me when I am hungry and what I am hungry for. Your body sends you certain cravings for a reason, so listen to them!

If you are following a specific way of eating, I strongly encourage you to continue on until the end of your program, but if you are in between programs and find yourself searching for a way of eating that works for you, how about trying a ground breaking concept and listen to your body. I know…it’s crazy.

*Note: Common sense eating still requires common sense. For example, you may be craving pizza and ice cream, but common sense says you should enjoy it every once in a while when it’s worth it, but pizza and ice cream for every meal just isn’t using common sense! (Don’t sigh in disappointment, I am not telling you something you already don’t know).

Enjoying common sense eating three to five days a week,

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