5 Tips for Eating More Mindfully

Hi Three to Five Tribe! It’s been a hot minute since I last worked with my NTP, but after two years, we are back at it working together on my hormone health. Each week, we touch base and and work together on diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements and mental mindset work. (Ohhh the mental mindset work). One of my homework assignments this past week was to eat my three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner more mindfully.

How to Eat Meals More Mindfully

Eating meals more mindfully is way easier said than done because I am someone who usually eats every meal curled up on my couch while I watch television, read emails, respond to emails and scroll through social media – sometimes all at the same time too! (I know, I know, it’s less than ideal). However, when eating meals more mindfully, consider these five tips:

  • Begin being mindful well before the meals begins by cooking mindfully. This means be present and notice the smells of the food, the textures on your hands and the sounds of the cooking. Part of prepping the body to eat begins with smelling and seeing our food.
  • Next, carve out time to eat your three biggest meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) sitting down without any distraction. That means no television, no scrolling Instagram, no standing up and no work. (Umm, so what am I supposed to do then?!) 
  • Before you being your meal, take three deep breaths. This will active the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which signals your body to enter the rest and digest state of being instead of the flight or fight response, which is activated by the sympathetic nervous system. 
  • During your meals, slow down and become aware of the sensations the food presents. The sight, smell and taste. Take notice of any feelings in your body as you experience these sensations.
  • When it’s time to begin eating, notice the sensation of chewing your food. Try to pick out the different tastes or textures of the food you’re eating. Remember to take some deep breaths during your meal and between each bite of food and be sure to finish chewing each bite of food before starting the next.

Here are some more tips on how you can begin to eat meals more mindfully.

Sounds simple? Hah! I dare you. No scratch that, I double dog dare you to take one day this week (or more if you’re feeling like a rebel) and eat all three of your main meals mindfully using these steps above. Let me know how it goes over on Instagram @312chicagoblonde
Eating meals more mindfully three to five deep breaths at a time,

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