The Buzz About Bee Propolis

Hi Three to Five Tribe! You may have been hearing some “buzz” about bee propolis (see what I did there) and I was lucky enough to finally get my hands on some to see what all of the buzz is about. (Thank you Beekeeper’s Natural).

Bee Propolis

To “bee” honest (Oh my gosh I did it again, I can’t stop, sorry not sorry), I had no idea what bee propolis was. I had heard of bee pollen, beeswax and honey, but what the heck was bee propolis?

Bee propolis is a hive product just like honey.  Think of honey as the bee’s food and propolis as the bee’s medicine. Bees make bee propolis by collecting and processing a diverse variety of resins from plants and trees. The sticky substance that results from this  process is the propolis, which is used to line the beehive to protect it from foreign invaders. You could basically think of bee propolis as the hive’s immune system.

For example, if a mouse gets into the beehive, which is actually a more common occurrence than one might think, the bees sting the mouse to death (poor little guy). Now the bees are left with a dead mouse, which is obviously far too big and heavy for them to move so what’s a hive of bees to do? They wrap it in propolis! The propolis essentially prevents any bacteria, germs and viruses that may come from the decaying mouse (yuck) from infecting the rest of the hive. How cool is that? Okay yeah so the whole dead mouse thing is sad yet gross all at the same time, but honestly, how freaking smart is Mother Nature?

Fun Fact: Aristotle coined the term “propolis,” which means “defender of the city.”

Bee propolis is renowned for its ability to support immune health and is especially good for sore throats. It can even be used to help prevent a case of the sniffles or topically to ease chapped lips and protect minor cuts and scrapes.

A few people I know enjoy using bee propolis when traveling (hello airplane germs) or when they are feeling extra stressed. I myself use bee propolis daily. It started one morning when I woke up with a sore throat and immediately headed straight to the kitchen where I grabbed my bottle of Beekeeper’s Natural Bee Propolis Spray. I enjoyed the recommended dose of 4 sprays and went on my way. Not only did my throat feel better shortly after, but I never developed a full blown sore throat. Ever since then I have used propolis every single morning. It’s safe to say Beekeeper’s Natural Bee Propolis Spray is now an integral part of my morning routine and is a staple that is here to stay.

Tip: Bee Propolis does not taste like honey. Although it delivers more of a medicinal taste, it does not taste anything like medicine and is still subtly sweet enough to enjoy all on its own.

If you are looking to give your immune health a boost, then I highly recommend trying bee propolis. I prefer Beekeeper’s Natural Bee Propolis Spray, so if you decide to give it a go, please let me know what you think!

Enjoying bee propolis three to five sprays a day,


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