Kabaki – Kenyan Purple Tea

Hi Three to Five Tribe! If you have been following along on my health and wellness journey then you know I no longer drink coffee and have instead switched to tea. Although I prefer a hot cup of tea, I have recently been introduced to to Kabaki, Kenyan Purple Tea.


Kabaki is a new varietal of tea that is incredibly rare as it is only grown at high altitudes in the mountains of Kenya. The intense African sun is tempered by the cool mountain air, which allows ultraviolet rays to deeply penetrate the tea leaves resulting in, you guessed it, purple leaves. ­čĺť┬á(How cool is that?!)

The purple color provides the tea leaves with an array of powerful antioxidants, even more so than antioxidants found in both black tea and green tea. Low in caffeine and sugar, Kabaki is made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives – Just purple tea brimming with the vitality of the Kenyan sun.

Not only is Kabaki good for you, but they are also doing good as a company. Kabaki gives back to the local communities that grow and pick their tea leaves, while also donating to healthcare facilities in Naivasha, Kenya. It doesn’t end there though. Through their use of fair-trade, Kabaki supports Kenyan tea growers all while employing sustainable practices and methods. ┬áLearn more about how Kabaki is doing good.

One of my favorite things of Kabaki is their five refreshing flavors. If you are a purist and prefer the straight flavor of Kenyan Purple Tea all in its own, then the Unsweetened Purple Tea is for you. If you prefer a subtle touch of sweetness, then opt for the Lightly Sweetened Purple Tea. There is also a refreshing Lemon Purple Tea, Peach Purple Tea (a friend favorite) and Raspberry Purple Tea. Honestly though, why choose one when you can try them all.

If you are looking to take your daily tea time to the next level, then ditch the traditional teas and opt for something new like Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea. Cheers!

Enjoying Kabaki three to five days a week,


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