Stay Hydrated This Winter with This One Simple Tip

Hi Three to Five Tribe! As winter settles in I have noticed I am struggling to meet my daily water intake needs. How do you figure out your daily water intake? Take your body weight and divide it by two. That number is how much water (in fluid ounces) you should be drinking daily. Keep in mind if you sweat, you need an extra ounce of water for every 30 minutes of physical activity you spend sweating it out.

According to this calculation, I should be drinking at least 8 cups (8 ounces each) of water every day, but I notice my body operates more smoothly when I consume 9-11 cups of water a day, so roughly 72-88 fluid ounces. However, the cold winter months have me ending my day with only consuming 6-7 cups of water a day and although it’s not much of a difference, I can definitely feel a difference! What’s a girl to do?

Add Citrus Fruit

It’s simple, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice! It doesn’t necessarily have to be lemon juice, it can be lime, orange, grapefruit or any fresh fruit for that matter. I simply prefer citrus fruit like lemon as it is high in Vitamin C and with everyone around me battling either the cold or flu, I could definitely use all of the extra Vitamin C I can get. Plus, lemon is great for digestion and can even help you feel better after an indulgent day of eating and drinking.

If you can’t imagine drinking your water chilled during the cold winter months, warm it up! Not only will your hands stay warm as they wrap around your heated mug of warm lemon water, warm and/or room temperature water absorbs in the body quicker the chilled/cold water. However, you burn more calories drinking chilled/cold water since your body has to work harder to warm it up once consumed.

However you decide to enjoy your water this winter, just make sure you are drinking it! Hydration is important to optimal health and it will help keep your skin hydrated as well, which we could all use more of during the cold, dry winter months. (Can anyone say forced air heating). Bottom line: Drink up!

Hydrating three to five sips of water at a time,
– ox

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