Why You Should Think of Your Body Like a Science Experiment: Part 2

Hi Three to Five Tribe! If you have been keeping up with my health and wellness journey  then you know about a month ago I was dealing with a serious side stitch and was also experiencing some weight gain and annoying morning bloat. In order to self diagnose, I decided to give up alcohol, apples, cinnamon, cocoa nibbs and fat bombs to see if I could determine the troublemaker and I am happy to report that after 6 weeks of eliminating these foods my experiment was a success!

The Power of Elimination

My biggest reason for eliminating the aforementioned foods was because I wasn’t feeling my best. With my birthday just on the horizon at the end of November, I wanted to make any adjustments necessary in order for me to look and feel my best on my big day. (Okay, I had also been experiencing a seriously annoying side stitch since September, which was the main reason for my elimination experiment). After eliminating Pink Himalayan Salt for the entire month of October with no positive results, I knew it was time to eliminate more, which is when I decided to cut out alcohol and cocoa nibbs. (I have a history of OD-ing on chocolate, so I thought that could be the troublemaker). The good news is my self-diagnosis paid off because my side stitch is gone! Now that’s not to say I will never have red wine or chocolate ever again, but clearly by consuming too many raw cocoa nibbs, my body was sending me a clear signal that it was not happy. Instead of masking the pain with a prescription from my doctor (thanks, but no thanks), I simply eliminated the potential irritants for 6 weeks and you know what, it worked!

The main point of eliminating certain foods was to alleviate my side stitch, which it did, but while I was at eliminating certain foods I figured why not just eliminate more to help with other annoyances. (All aesthetics not actually medical). That is when I proceeded to banish fat bombs from my fridge as well as apples and cinnamon. Although  it was a challenge for the first two weeks to find a snack replacement for my afternoon fat bombs (hello Macadamia Nuts and avocados) I was able to tighten my midsection just in time for my birthday. The same with the apples and cinnamon. Although it was odd to not have something sweet after dinner, I quickly adjusted by making extra vegetables for dinner and ended all of my eating for the day once dinner was finished. Result? No morning bloat! Plus, I got to enjoy more of the vegetables I love in the evening.

Just like in my original post,  my whole point in going through all of this is to encourage you to think of your body like a science experiment. Your body is really smart, like really really smart, so if your body sending you a sign or symptom, don’t ignore it! Instead, listen to it and use it as a guide to lead you to a course of action so you can adjust and self heal.

Side note: I totally believe in Western medicine and believe there is a time and place for it, but of you are dealing with a non-life threatening ailment and can afford to experiment with self healing by an elimination diet of some sorts, I am all for it!

Eliminating and adding foods to my daily diet three to five weeks at a time,

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