Why You Should Think of Your Body Like a Science Experiment

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Some of you may know, but next month is my birthday (November 24th to be exact) and with roughly under one month to go, I have decided to give up alcohol, apples, cinnamon, cocoa nibbs and fat bombs. I know this may sound like a strange combination to many of you, but stick with me here, I have my reasons. (It’s me, so there is always a method to my madness).

Why You Should Think of Your Body Like a

Last fall, when I was working closely with my NTP, I learned to think of my body like a science experiment. Your body is really smart, way more smart than we give it credit for, so if it’s sending you a sign or symptom (even if uncomfortable) that’s incredibly valuable information we should be listening to and not blocking out. It’s like conducting a science experiment. You try something new then you sit back to wait and see what happens then you adjust accordingly.

Okay, so what does this have to do with me giving up all alcohol, apples, cinnamon, cocoa nibbs and fat bombs for the next month? Well, after experiencing a serious side stitch at the end of September, I completely stopped using Pink Himalayan Salt for the entire month of October as I initially thought I was using too much of it on a daily basis. After one month of a living a salt-free lifestyle, the side stitch is still here unfortunately. If you know me then you very well know I have a history of overdoing it on certain foods (I’m looking at you cocoa nibbs). I’ve noticed after enjoying fat bombs topped with a sprinkle of cocoa nibbs, the side stitch intensifies. Instead of taking prescription meds to dull the pain, I am simply omitting cocoa nibbs from my diet for the next month. Side note: I also know the pain intensifies after I consume alcohol, so there goes that. (Byeee red wine. See you on my birthday!)

I have also noticed an increase in my weight, which isn’t that big of deal to me these days, but I am beginning to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Instead of hitting the gym every day for two a days (yes I have lived that life before 🤦🏼‍♀️) I am cutting out fat bombs from my diet. Although fat bombs are great on the go snacks (they can keep you full for hours), they are loaded with healthy, saturated fats. Although saturated fats are great for your body, too much saturated fat can easily cause you to gain weight and with my midsection getting a little soft, my body is telling me, enough with the fat bombs already! Plus, let’s be real, that’s way easier than doubling up on daily sweat sessions.

All of this may be making sense up until this point, but now you may be thinking, but why apples and cinnamon? Aren’t they healthy? Yes! Apples are full of fiber and are delicious topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, which also hosts a variety of anti-inflammatory effects, but I usually enjoy an apple topped with cinnamon as my after dinner sweet treat. However, I notice by ending my day with fruit, I wake up the next morning feeling bloated. Think about it. When fruit is consumed at the end of the day, it sits on top of all of your other food that is waiting to be digested so as it sits to what it turns in your system, it begins to ferment, hence the bloated stomach. Although I love my apples with cinnamon, this bloat is really bothering me so there goes the apples and cinnamon. (I also am consuming way too much cinnamon each week and think that could be contributing to my side stitch).

My whole point in going through all of this is I am thinking of my body like a science experiment. I am paying close attention to the signs and symptoms it is sending me (i.e. side stitch, weight gain, bloating) and adjusting by omitting certain foods I think may be contributing to said symptoms. Also, with one month to go until my birthday I want to look and feel my absolute best on my big day and if that means eliminating some foods I am fond of for the next month, I know it will be well worth it when I am feeling my best.

The next time your body is sending you a signal, take a beat and actually listen to it.

Adjusting my diet three to five foods at a time,

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