Slow Down September

Hi Three to Five Tribe! I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day holiday weekend celebrating the unofficial end to the summer season with family, friends and neighbors. I recently read a blog post written around this time last year about saying so long to summer and it inspired me to dive in a little deeper to this same topic.

Slowing Down

Although Autumn doesn’t technically begin this year until Sunday, September 23rd (let the countdown begin,) we will soon start to experience a seasonal change as summer slowly begins to fade into fall. Many of us may try and resist the seasonal change as we hold onto summer by its ankles as it drags us kicking and screaming until we unwillingly arrive into all, but instead of fighting this seasonal change, I strongly urge you to embrace it instead.

Take a cue from Mother Nature and all you see around you. Cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights beckon us all to slow down, which may be difficult for some yet easier for others. I for one am super stoked for fall as it is my favorite time of the year, but I myself struggle with slowing down in general no matter what the season.

Being a Type A personality, I am used to always being on the go, but after a busy summer packed with loads of travel visiting family and seeing friends, I am ready for a slower schedule. Lately, I have noticed I am struggling to fall asleep at night (I am talking in bed by 9:30pm and lying wide awake until well after midnight – So not cool). After working with an NTP last year, I learned this is a clear sign of elevated cortisol levels, commonly referred to the stress hormone. Whether I feel stressed or not, my body is sending me an obvious signal that it is stressed out, so I am listening to it and taking the month of September to slow down. (I am fondly referring to this month as “Slow Down September”).

Just like last year I am making seasonal adjustments such a prioritizing sleep (TV off by 9am and in bed reading by 9:30pm), listening to my body and returning to more gentle, healing and restorative lifestyle practices. This may even mean working out less and sleeping more. (Gasp!) Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely way easier said than done, but I know my body (and my sleep schedule) will eventually thank me for it.

As we continue to soak in the final days of summer while preparing for the fall season ahead (I have already spotted some pumpkins on front door steps), I encourage you all to embrace this month of September and slow down.

Slowing down three to five days at a time…

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