Why I’m Baking Christmas Cookies in August

Hi Three to Five Tribe! The month of July has come and gone and so has Christmas in July. (If anyone knows me then you know I absolutely love Hallmark channel including their two-week Christmas in July celebration).

When it comes to Christmas in July, I have recently learned that you probably find yourself in one of two camps. Camp #1: It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas or Camp #2: Can’t we just enjoy summer?

I find myself in the first camp (no surprise there) and even if you find yourself in the later of the two, you can’t help but admit thinking ahead for Christmas, albeit early, can really save you some stress later on in the year, especially as the holidays approach. With that being said, I decided to harness the inspiration of Christmas in July and begin recipe testing for this year’s Christmas cookies. Yep, that’s right. Christmas baking is going down right now in the middle of summer.

Christmas Cookies During the Dog Days of Summer

Now before you think I am crazy for baking in August let alone Christmas cookies (Hello 90 degree temperatures and 80% humidity. Thank you Chicago) hear me out. I don’t know about you, but every year I get in the holiday spirit and have these grandiose plans of making these delicious Christmas cookie recipes and then by the time Christmas cookie swaps and holiday parties roll around, I am so stressed getting ready for the holidays, I end up saying, “Forget it! I’m getting break and bake!” Well not this year people. This year I am making the recipes I have always wanted to make and even taking it one step further by using healthier ingredients. (Think almond flour instead of white flour, coconut oil instead of butter, honey instead of white sugar, you pretty much get the idea).

Plus, Christmas cookie recipe testing the the middle of summer is actually working out to my advantage. Think about it. By Christmas time, everyone is burnt out on Christmas cookies (pun intended). Between Halloween candy, homemade Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies, many people are just over over indulging, but as it’s the middle of summer and everyone I know hasn’t seen a Christmas cookie in months, all of my taste testers are eager and very willing to to try them out. I’m telling you I am on to something here!

Over the next few weeks (or months depending on my mood), I will be recipe testing six Christmas cookie recipes in order to find the best one (or two) that will be my go-to Christmas cookies for this holiday season. I have already tested one recipe for Cinnamon and Sugar Cookies, which also happened to be dairy-free and gluten-free. (I swear you would never even know). Needless to say, they were delicious! Ask my taste testers.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing any exceptional recipe winners, healthy ingredient swaps and any baking tips I discover along the way. It’s sure to be a tasty ride!

Baking Christmas cookies three to five ingredients at a time,

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