Chixi, A New Nut Butter Alternative

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Some of you may know my love (okay obsession) with nut butter. Almond butter, cashew butter, Trader Joe’s mixed nut butter and coconut butter (oh my gosh coconut butterrrr), but now I have a new nut butter favorite. It’s actually not a nut butter at all, it’s a nut butter alternative, Chixi!


Chixi is a nut butter alternative made from, you guessed it, chickpeas! Made from real, whole food ingredients like chickpeas, coconut oil and safflower oil, Chixi is a deliciously addictive snack. Whether you spoon it straight from the jar or use it in recipes, Chixi is a healthy and super delicious snack you can feel good about eating.

Founder, mother and all around bada$$ business woman, Joyce, founded Chixi after her daughter was to attend school where no nuts of any kind were allowed. If Joyce couldn’t send her daughter to school with a classic peanut butter sandwich, then she wanted to make something that was equally nutritious in healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Since Joyce had been using chickpeas as a nut-free snack for some time, she decided to use them as a base and create a new nut butter alternative that was both delicious and safe for her daughter to bring to school. The tricky part was getting her creation to not taste like hummus. Joyce’s background in the food industry coupled with her love of science made the perfect platform for her develop Chixi. Countless recipes and six years later, Chixi is ready available for you to enjoy!

Chixi can be used in smoothies, baked goods like cookies and brownies, bite sized snacks and homemade chocolate candies. I personally enjoy it straight off the spoon or a top fresh fruit like apple slices. Whether you choose from unsweetened, lightly sweetened or vanilla bean, be sure to order at least two (or more) jars because this stuff is seriously delicious.

Enjoying Chixi, three to five spoonfuls at a time, 

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