I Went 365 Days Without Coffee, Here’s What I Learned

Happy March Three to Five Tribe! It was one year ago today that I gave up coffee for Lent. Yep, that’s right! The girl who would drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day has not had one drop of coffee for 365 consecutive days and I learned a few things along the way. Here’s what I learned from giving up coffee for one year.

One Year Without Coffee

#1 I was more reliant on coffee than I cared to admit.

If you asked me one year ago if I was dependent on coffee and/or caffeine in the morning, I wouldn’t have hesitated with a hard no. However, after my first 24 hours without coffee accompanied by an all day caffeine withdrawal headache, I realized how much I relied on my daily cup (okay cups) of coffee.

#2 I enjoy starting my morning with a hot beverage.

When I drank coffee, the first thing I did every morning was I woke up and walked over to my kitchen to fire up my pot to begin brewing a mug (or two) of my beloved dark roast. However, when I gave up coffee last year, it made me realize how much I thoroughly enjoyed a hot beverage in the morning, but it also taught me it wasn’t just the coffee that I looked forward to every morning, it was just a hot beverage in general.

#3 I can trying new things (and even like them).

Since I enjoy starting my day with a hot beverage, but gave up all forms of coffee I was left with the dreaded tea. (Yuck!) I have never been a tea drinker, despite the many health benefits that come from drinking tea. I could just never find a flavor I enjoyed enough to drink. I tried bone broth mixed with collagen, which I love, but I prefer to drink that later in the day, so I was forced to tinker with tea and you know what, I am now a tea drinker! I only enjoy a select few select flavors like mint, peppermint, dandelion root, roasted dandelion root and basically anything that smells like fall or Christmas, but I am open to new brews.

#4 My adrenal glands are better for it.

After working with an amazing NTP, I found out I suffered from adrenal fatigue – it’s a real thing folks! By eliminating coffee, as well as other forms of caffeine like my favorite form of chocolate (see ya cocoa nibbs) I was able to give my poor adrenal glands a break and essetnially decrease my cortisol levels., which helped my body health in more ways than one.

#5 My body feels better without it.

Although I still love the savory smell of a hot cup of coffee emitting an earthy aroma as it wafts through the air, my body eels better without it. Now don’t get me wrong, I will probably have a cup of coffee again one day when I really want one, but for now, I am sticking to my tea as my body feels better with a milder beverage.

My point to this blog post is to serve as a reminder to you that if there is something out there you don’t think you can live without, challenge yourself to see if you can live without it (odds are you can). Who knows, you may discover something you never thought you would enjoy in its place!

Trading in my coffee for tea, three to five meals at a time,


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