10 Brands I Love

Happy Valentine’s Day Three to Five Tribe! On this holiday of love, I wanted to share some brands I am really loving right now. ❤

Within Without Snacks

Within Without Snacks is a better-for-you-snack alternative. Homemade and hand-crafted from premium, whole food ingredients, Within Without is deliciously addictive. Soft and chewy, not crazily crunchy like traditional granola, Within Without is perfect for snacking. My favorite flavor is the Cherry, but let’s be real, all of the flavors are good.

Shop Within Without and use code ASHLEY for 15% off your entire order!


If you are a foodie who enjoys fanciful flavors then you will love SMASHMALLOW. SMASHMALLOW has taken the traditional marshmallow and created an epic smash up of fun flavors. Made with all natural ingredients, satisfy your sweet tooth with this guilt-free tasty treat. My favorite flavors are Cinnamon Churro and Mint Chocolate Chip, but I really want to try the Cookie Dough and Mocha Chip!

Shop SMASHMALLOW and smash the traditional snack time.

Simple Mills

When it comes to cooking and baking, I like to keep things simple, which is why I love Simple Mills. Made from better for you ingredients, you know, ingredients you can actually pronounce, Simple Mills offers delicious food options. From crackers to cookies to baking mixes and frosting, Simple Mills keeps healthy food simple.

Shop Simple Mills and keep your cooking and baking simple.

Hungry Harvest

What the heck is rescued produce? Rescued produce are fruits and vegetables that are perfectly good to eat, they are just oddly miss-shapened, off-sized or not deemed “beautiful” enough by farms, packing houses and wholesalers. Silly, right? Hungry Harvest thinks so, which is why they have rescued produce and placed it in three different harvest options for you to enjoy. Don’t judge a fruit (or vegetable) by its outward appearance!

Be a hero and rescue produce here.

Amara Marie

Amara Marie may not be food, but it comes from food, well, sorta. Amara Marie is an all natural skincare line that offers tallow-based beauty options. Yep, you read that right, tallow-based beauty. It may sound crazy, but tallow closely matches the profile of our skin cells. Oh and in case you didn’t know, your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it, both good and bad. What you apply to your skin finds it’s way into your bloodstream and is eventually processed by the liver. (Yikes!) Ditch the chemical laden skincare products and start rubbing fat on your face. Seriously! I’ve been using Amara Marie since November 2017 and am in love it, especially the Peppermint Lip Butter, the Deep Cleansing Charcoal Bar, the Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum and the Tallow Beauty Balm.

Shop Amara Marie here.

Rumi Spice

Rumi Spice is a company on a mission to deliver social good to the farmers of Afghanistan. Rumi Spice works with Afghan farmers to harvest the world’s most valuable spice, saffron. Besides bringing the highest quality saffron to the states, Rumi Spice is committed to empowering Afghan farmers and women, reinvesting back into the Afghan agriculture and manufacturing infrastructure, all of which bolsters the Afghan communities and the country’s economy. Rumi Spice is laying the foundation for peace, one saffron flower at a time.

Help lay the foundation for peace and shop Rumi Spice.

U.S. Wellness Meats

U.S. Wellness Meats has it all, not to mention it’s all of the highest quality. From grassland beef, grassland and heritage meats, grassland poultry and duck, wild caught seafood, organ meats, tallow and lard, bone broths, dairy products, healthy snacks and pet food, U.S. Wellness Meats literally has it all.

Shop U.S. Wellness Meats here.


Nuts about nut butter, but need something new? Try Chixi! A chickpea butter spread, Chixi is nut free, gluten free and palm oil free, but don’t get it confused with hummus because it’s totally not hummus. Chixi can be used as a spread on toast, fresh cut apple slices, breakfast bowls and even in baking. Crazy, right?! With flavors like Vanilla Bean, you cannot resist trying Chixi!

Shop Chixi here.


Edible…cookie dough. Do I need to say more? I mean no, probably not, but if I didn’t have you at edible cookie dough I will elaborate further. No egg, no raw flour, just real, premium ingredients. Choose from 10+ flavors including gluten free and vegan options. You can even create your own customized box or order a DIY kit. Make your next cookie dough experience anything, but cookie cutter.

Shop Edoughble here.


Calling all coffee connoisseurs! Shop premium craft coffee beans from top-notch roasters then wait as your local craft coffee roaster roasts a small-batch specifically made just for you. Shipped straight to your front door, Javaya takes crafted coffee to the next level.

Get your brew on with Javaya here.

I hope you all fall in love with these brands just as much as I have. ❤
Sending you lots of love this Valentine’s Day,


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