Why I’m Not Doing a January Whole30

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Happy New Year. Okay so New Year’s was already almost one month ago (crazy, right?!), but since this is my first blog post of 2018 I wanted to send you all my well wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

Today I wanted to talk about the January Whole30 and specifically why I am not participating in one this year. Yes, you read that right, I am NOT participating in a January Whole30. I know this may sound shocking to many of you, myself included even, but when I was working with my NTP, I learned a valuable lesson, okay well I actually learned many valuable lessons, but one in particular stood out the most.

“You should do something because you want to do it, not because a protocol tells you to do it.”

Ummm…really? Why hadn’t I thought of that before on my own? Seriously! My NTP explained to me that if I wanted to eat something, I should just eat, just like if I didn’t want to eat something, I shouldn’t eat it. I couldn’t believe how simple this concept sounded. I thought back to how many times I turned down a glass of wine or a slice of pizza because “No, I can’t I’m on Whole30,” which was promptly followed by the eye rolls of others or the resounding “Sigh, you’re doing another Whole30?!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I learned some great lessons from Whole30 and had amazing results from the Whole30 program, but more often times than not I was saying no to things I actually wanted, which later had adverse effects both physically and mentally, but that’s a story for another time.

What my NTP was trying to teach me was that you should love yourself enough to say yes, and no, to the foods you enjoy. Some days you want a glass of wine or a slice of pizza even though you know the wine may give you a headache and the dairy and gluten from the pizza may cause you to feel bloated the next morning, but it just sounds so good you dive in and go for it with no regrets. However, there are also instances when you say no to the wine and pizza because as much as you love them both, your body just isn’t feeling them. Whether you need a break after all of the holiday libations and indulgences or you just want a good night’s sleep for your morning workout, you politely pass. You pass not because you are “on a Whole30,” but because you love yourself enough, and are intune enough with your body, to know that it’s asking for a big glass of water and a plate of wild caught salmon and roasted vegetables instead of vino and za.

Say yes, or no, because you want to, not because some protocol tells you to say yes or no.


Now that’s not to say I will never have a glass of red and a slice of my favorite deep dish ever again, but until my body really wants it, I will politely pass and say no. Not because I am on a Whole30 or because a certain protocol says I cannot eat this, that and the other, but because I love my body enough to listen to it and give it what it wants. Surprisingly, I have learned, more often times than not, my body enjoys a variety of protein sources, high-quality fats and fresh vegetables instead of processed foods and sweet treats.

For example, my new favorite meal of the moment is cauliflower rice topped with steamed white button mushrooms, pea pods and/or broccoli and a fillet of delicious wild caught cod marinated in a ginger soy sauce courtesy of Trader Joe’s. #TJsAllDayEveryDay In the past, I would have never even eaten this delicious dinner because the ginger cod contains soy sauce, miso paste and four grams of sugar (gasp). I am still an advocate for reading your food labels when shopping and picking out real, food options with ingredients you can actually pronounce, but if the worst thing I eat in a day is four grams of sugar from wild caught ginger cod fillets, I think I am doing pretty darn good considering that is a far cry from the days I would crush Tootsie Rolls by the bagful. (Yes, you read that right, bagful not handful).

If you have never completed a Whole30, I highly recommend it, but if you are anything like me and have already completed over a dozen including a Whole90, maybe try listening to your body and trusting it will direct you to what you need in that moment instead of relying on a program to tell you want to do.

Saying yes or no, three to five meals at a time,

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