Food with No Brakes

“Food with no brakes are the foods you just can’t seem to stop eating.”

Hi Three to Five Tribe! Today I want to discuss a Whole30 term, “food with no brakes.” Food with no brakes are the foods you just can’t seem to stop eating. I am talking about the calorie-dense, carbohydrate-dense, nutrient-poor choices like chips, crackers, cookies, or other sweets. Once we start eating these foods we just can’t stop! #cantstopwontstop

Food with No Brakes

Whether it’s salty potato chips, homemade chocolate chip cookies, or something else {pick your poison} we have all at one point in time found ourselves half way through a bag of  “insert your food with no brakes here” when we realize we aren’t even close to being full. Don’t lie, we have all been there before, myself included. #ithappens

The reason you find yourself elbow deep in “said food with no brakes” is because there is little to no nutritional value in it. Your body never feels like it has had its fill of sufficient  nutrients to properly nourish your body so you just keep eating…and eating…and eating. Think about it. When you are hungry and you eat a nutrient dense dinner, like steak and vegetables, your hunger decreases with every bite. However, if you plop down on the couch with a bag of chips, you could eat the entire bag without receiving any signal from your body that you are getting full. It’s because your body is not receiving any nutrients from that food source!

“Over time, the overconsumption of foods with no brakes conditions your body to rely on sugar for energy, leaving you unable to burn the fat stored on your body, and requiring you to eat every few hours to maintain energy, focus, and a pleasant demeanor.” ― Melissa Hartwig, The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom


So what can you do to avoid over consuming food with no brakes? Eat nutrient dense meals and snacks! Some of my favorites include a cup of bone broth mixed with collagen peptides, deli turkey slices wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves, a small apple smothered in almond butter, or a spoonful of coconut oil (perfect when you’re walking out the door).

Avoid the pitfalls of food with no brakes and reach for a healthier, nutrient dense alternative instead! What’s your favorite food with no brakes and what healthy substitutes do you eat instead?

Pumping the brakes three to five meals at a time,
– ox

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