The One Time of Day Not to Drink Water

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Henry David Thoreau

Hi Three to Five Tribe! I am all about drinking water. You will find me any hour of the day with a glass of good ole H20 in my hand. I like it flavored with lemon, tap, filtered, bottled, even straight out of the garden hose, #yeptruestory but there is one time of day you will not see me drinking water – After a meal!

Don’t Drink Water After a Meal

Although I am a huge advocate of drinking water throughout the course of the day, you should avoid drinking water after a meal. Here’s why: Water dilutes the gastric juices in your stomach, which helps break down food. These gastric acids are essential for proper digestion. If you drink water before, during, or after a meal you risk bloating or discomfort and who wants that? #notme How do you stay hydrated then?

#1 Sip water throughout the course of the day and avoid gulping!
#2 Stop drinking water 30 minutes before a meal, that includes sparkling water too! Yes, that means step away from that can of La Croix.
#3 Wait one full hour post meal before drinking water again.

I have been incorporating these simple tips for the past month and I can honestly feel a difference. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not always a full 30 minutes prior to meal time or even a full hour post meal time, but it’s pretty darn close. I notice the biggest difference not drinking right after my meal. No bloating. No discomfort.

Remember, drinking water throughout the course of the day is important, but timing is everything.

{Side note: Are you wondering how much water you should be drinking per day? Take your body weight in pounds and divide by two. That number is the amount of fluid ounces of water you should be drinking, at minimum, per day!}

Happy Hydration Everyone!

Live Healthy, Happy, & Fabulously,

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