How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

nye-giphy“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” – Henry Ford

Happy New Year Three to Five Tribe! I hope your 2017 is off to a fabulous start. By now you have probably made your New Year’s resolutions and maybe some of you have already broken them. Well get back at it because I am here to remind you of one thing you can do to actually stick to your resolutions this year.

Set Behavior Goals

When making New Year’s resolutions, most people set outcome goals. (i.e. I want to lose weight, I want to exercise more, I want to eat healthier, insert health and wellness resolution of your choice here). Most people stop right there. Although these resolutions are a good start, this is where the problem with New Year’s resolutions come in.

You see, these New Year’s resolutions are outcome goals. Outcome goals are the results from a specific behavior repeated day in and day out known as behavior goals. Most people set these larger outcome goals and inadvertently forget to set smaller behavior goals. Do you think I lost almost 20 pounds by saying I want to lose weight and get healthy? Well yes, but I also set small behaviors goals I incorporated into my life every day to reach my larger outcome goals. Remember: Persistency pays while consistency keeps!

Let’s take a closer look at some behavior goals to help you reach your larger outcome goals.

If your New Year’s resolution (outcome goal) is to…Lose weight, some behavior goals may include:

  • Drink more water. Remember: Divide your body weight by two = The minimum amount of water (in ounces) you should be drinking on a daily basis.
  • Focus on eating real food – that means food without a label!
  • Eat smaller portions at each meal.
  • Cook meals at home including packing a lunch for work instead of dining out.
  • Find a way to move more.

If your New Year’s resolution (outcome goal) is to…Exercise more, some behavior goals may include:

  • Figure out when exercise works best for you. Morning? Noon? Night? Find a time of day that you know works best for you (and your schedule) that way you are more likely to stick you your workout.
  • Speaking of workouts…Schedule your workouts into your calendar and stick to them. No cancellations!
  • Find a way to move every single day.
  • Do not underestimate the power of walking – even if it is 30 minutes a day.
  • Take the stairs! It’s a low impact activity that works the glutes and hamstrings, not to mention it can really get your heart pumping. #nomoreelevators

If your New Year’s resolution (outcome goal) is to…Eat healthier, some behavior goals may include:

  • Sticking to the outer perimeter of the grocery store when shopping – that is where all the real food is stocked anyways!
  • Cut out processed foods. If you cannot give then up entirely then try cutting out processed foods for at least one meal a day or one processed food altogether like dairy.
  • Pack healthy snacks. Fail to plan, plan to fail! Throw an apple or bag of nuts in your bag so you are never without a healthy option. Worst case scenario, grab an EPIC Bar or LARABAR.
  • Cook ahead of time. Your freezer is your best friend! Although I am not a fan of batch cooking, it comes in handy when you have a busy week ahead of you when you know you will not feel like cooking after a long day. No need to speed dial your favorite pizza place. Simply pull an already prepared healthy meal from your fridge or freezer (defrost if needed) and enjoy.
  • Keep it simple! Healthy meals do not have to be super time intensive or Pinterest worthy perfection. My go to is anything I can throw in a crock pot. Need ideas? Check out my favorite go to beef stew recipe.

Now it is your turn! Tell me what your New Year’s resolutions are (outcome goals) and then share your behavior goals you are going to incorporate in order to reach those outcome goals this year. Make 2017 your best your yet – I know I am!

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,

2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great post Ashley! I’m going to drop 5% body fat and to do that I’ll be adding more protein in my small meals throughout the day, eat smaller portion meals, increase weights in the gym and find a way to move every day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Look at you lady! Those sound like great behavior goals for 2017. You are well on your way to achieving your desired outcome goal and I know if anyone can do it, it’s you! Keep crushing it like I know you do on the daily. P.S. Thank you for ALWAYS being so supportive of Three to Five Day, it means SO much to me. More than words can capture. Have a fabulous day and a wonderful week ahead! -ox


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