Why You Should Go Apple Picking

“Apple picking is my favorite, it’s like my Christmas.” – Me

Happy Apple Picking Season Three to Five Tribe! At the start of October, I wrote a post featuring a fall favorite, pumpkins! There is another fall favorite of mine though and that is apples.

For me, Fall means skipping through apple orchards, a mug of steaming hot apple cider, apple picking with family, and enjoying hot, fresh apple cider donuts on a hayride. (It is safe to say apple picking is my Christmas). Here is why you should be eating more apples this fall!

Eat More Apples

  • One medium sized apple is roughly 95 calories, making a great low calorie snack.
  • Apples are easy to pack and can basically be brought anywhere with little to no preparation required (except washing). Grab an apple before your day, toss it in your bag, and go!
  • One apple = One cup of fruit. The daily recommended serving for fruit is two cups, so with one apple a day, you are well on your way to filling your daily fruit quota.
  • Eat the apple skin!  Most of the fiber and health properties of an apple are found in the skin, so put the peeler down and slowly back away.
  • Apples are a breath of fresh air. An apple peel contains an antioxidant called quercetin, which has been linked to better lung function in avid apple eaters.
  • High in soluble fiber, apples will keep you fuller longer since complex sources of fiber take longer for our bodies to digest. Did you know: Soluble fiber can also help lower cholesterol.
  • Apples have an antioxidant called pectin, which can help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind).
  • Another antioxidant found in apples, anthocyanin, has been known to prevent diabetes.
  • Apples are a source of Vitamin C, which can help boost immune health. Though not as good as oranges, apples still contain about 14%.
  • Apples give you energy. Whether looking for a morning snack to help get you going in the AMS or a quick go to snack before a workout, apples are a great option.

An apple a day can keep more than the doctor away, so get in your apple picking while the October orchards are still open. Happy Apple Picking!

Whole90 – Complete!
4 Whole30s for the year – Done!

Live Healthy, Happy, & Fabulously,

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