The Most Frequently Asked Question

“The Slow Roll Reintroduction is for people who feel so amazing post-Whole30 that they’re not ready to reintroduce less healthy foods just for the sake of reintroducing them.” -Melissa Hartwig, The Whole30

Hi Three to Five Tribe! I have completed three out of my four Whole30s for the year, with my second Whole30 evolving into a Whole60. #Day71 and going strong! During my third Whole30 (ultimately my Whole60), I have encountered the same question over and over again, “So…Are you like never going to drink /eat x,y,z ever again?” I am here to set the record straight once and for all!

Whole60 and Beyond

The Whole30 Program offers two options for Reintroduction post Day 30, either the Fast Track Introduction or the Slow Roll Reintroduction. The Whole30 Fast Track Reintroduction is a structured 10 day period that methodical reintroduces non-Whole30 foods back into your meals. The Fast Track Introduction allows individuals to complete their reintroduction relatively quickly. However, there is also the Slow Roll Reintroduction, the one I am participating in, which ultimately led me to completing a Whole60.

Slow Roll Reintroduction

The Whole30 Slow Roll Reintroduction, “is for people who feel so amazing post-Whole30 that they’re not ready to reintroduce less healthy foods just for the sake of reintroducing them – in fact, they’re happy to keep eating mostly Whole30 until something really amazing comes along, even if it’s a month from now.” (The Whole30, 46).

The whole point of this way of reintroduction is to continue eating Whole30 until something so special and so delicious comes along you decide, “Okay, now THIS is worth it.” When you introduce foods because you really want them instead of “just because you can,” you savor the experience more and appreciate each bite for what it is.

You will also be less tempted by the not so special “just because it’s there foods,” (like the box of office donuts that are two days old). #pass You learn your “worth it” foods and some days your standard of “worth it” will change, but that is the beauty of the Slow Roll approach – evolves with you and your body!

Reintroduction is a lifelong process people. Whole30 gives you a baseline for how good you feel and look when you eat real, whole foods. Every time you eat something that is considered, “less healthy,” you have a foundation to evaluate that food and how it makes you feel.

So…to answer your question, “Will I ever enjoy mimosas, French toast, pizza, wine, ice cream, bread, cookies, (insert food here), again..” Of course I will have those things again! Buuut not until it is #worthit.

71 days down,
Who knows how many to go!

Live Healthy, Happy, & Fabulously,

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