Whole30 – Round 2

what-like-its-hardMy response when people ask me how I am doing another Whole30…”What like it’s hard?” – Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Hi Three to Five Tribe! As promised, I am in the midst of my second Whole30 for the year. For anyone who needs a reminder of what a Whole30 is, take a look at one of my past posts featuring the Whole30 in greater detail. If you are thinking of embarking on your own Whole30, here are Ten Things I Learned on Whole30 as well as my Whole30 Reintroduction and Whole30 Results. Speaking of results…


Left Image: July 19, 2015 Right Image: July 7, 2016 #TransformationTuesday

How was I able to achieve these results? #itssimple Two things:

#1 Find a way to move every day. It does not matter if you walk to work, go for a lakefront run with a friend, get in an hour long weight lifting session at the gym, complete a quick 20 minute HIIT routine in your apartment, attend a fitness class, or “insert your movement of choice here,” find a way to move every single day in some capacity.

Remember: Do what you can, when you can and do not let what you cannot do stop you from what you can do! (Tweet this!)

#2 Eat real food and make the healthiest choices you can. This means eating real, nutritious food as much as possible, but taking time to enjoy a glass of wine or bowl of ice cream every now and then if the craving and opportunity are right. (Do not make this a habit, but rather a treat for a special occasion, holidays or celebration).

My body has never felt (or looked better) in my entire life than when my meals and snacks consist of real, whole foods, which is why I started my second Whole30 for the year last week.

Has anyone else participated in a Whole30 or is thinking of starting one? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

8 days down
22 days to go!

Live Healthy, Happy, & Fabulously,

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