Precision Nutrition Certified

“Nutrition is a journey, not a destination.” – Dr. John Berardi, PhD

Happy Sunday Three to Five Tribe! I have some exciting news to announce today. Drum roll please…I am officially Precision Nutrition certified! Yes, that’s right. After starting my journey on April 10th I am D-O-N-E. In 36 days I completed 2 units consisting of 18 chapters and 18 exams all culminating into 1 certification. (And I passed with a solid A)! Cue the confetti please.

Nutritional Practice

The second unit of my certification course was all about nutritional practice; taking what I had learned in the first unit, featuring nutritional science, and applying it to real life scenarios. Here’s what each chapter covered in unit two:

  • Preparing for your client
  • Collecting preliminary client information
  • Interpreting client information
  • Providing a nutrition plan
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Setting behavior goals and monitoring
  • Making nutritional adjustments
  • Providing continuing education and support

None of this really matters to you though unless you want to become a health and nutrition coach, but throughout unit two I noticed one common theme that kept reappearing. This idea is not just specific to nutrition goals, but to all goals you set for yourself in life.

Outcome Goals v. Behavior Goals

There is a distinction between outcome goals and behavior goals. This distinction is essential to the success of your goal. Let’s take a closer look shall we.

Outcome Goals

An outcome goal is the intended result that will occur from carrying out a behavior, a long-term goal if you will. One of the key characteristics of an outcome goal is the fact that you cannot directly control the accomplishment of the goal. (This could be a problem for control freaks like myself). An outcome goal is the end result of a series of other things you have to do in order to reach the goal. A few examples include:

  • I want to lose 20 pounds.
  • I want to save $5,000 by the end of this year.
  • I want to earn a certification in nutrition.

Behavior Goals

As you could probably have guessed, behavior goals are the steps you have to take to accomplish your outcome goals. Behavior goals require work (you have to do the work-shoutout to my DaddyO), but the good news is you can directly control the goal. #goodnewsforcontrolfreaks Behavior goals are actions you can choose to do everyday. Here are some examples of behavior goals that compliment the outcome examples listed above:

  • I will exercise at least one hour a day five times a week for the next three months as well as meet with my nutrition coach on a weekly basis to check in and create a solid eating plan for me to follow.
  • I will save x dollars from each of my paychecks for the entire year and deposit it directly into my savings account.
  • I will register for a credible nutrition certification course and study at least one chapter per week at minimum until the course is complete.

So What?

There is a fundamental problem with strictly setting outcome goals because you cannot control them. #thatcouldbeaproblem You cannot control the rate at which your cells mobilize fat within your body nor can you magically command the financial world to bestow wealth upon you. (Believe me, if you could I would have already done so already). The good news though is that you can control your daily behaviors, ultimately helping you reach your larger goal. No matter if your goals lie within health & wellness or in another area of life, small daily changes are what lead to the larger end result. Ultimately, behavior goals are the foundation to the success of outcome goals, so plan accordingly! (Tweet this!)

Remember, you eat three to five meals a day. That is three to five opportunities to reach your larger nutrition goals one meal at a time. #seehowthatworks

Need help figuring out how to reach your larger nutrition goals? Let’s chat!

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,

5 thoughts on “Precision Nutrition Certified

  1. Congrats Ashley!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 go celebrate, girl!!!!

    I also LOVE this description of outcome vs behavior goals, it’s so key to understand!


    xo Anna

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Boom Chicago. She is almost done!! So happy for you Ashley for doing the work you needed to do! I think this sounds kind of interesting myself. Hopefully we can chat about it more this Thursdayyyyyyy!!! 🙂 Ps. Ryan is pretty stoked for you too 😉 ^^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much lovely! You are so sweet for the shout out. I really appreciate your support throughout this entire journey, it means so much! I would love to chat more about it Thursday, we need to plan that out for sure. Oh Ryan…he is such a sweetheart. Haha


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