The Only Rules You Need to Eat Healthy

“The one thing you can do to help change your health, well it’s pretty simple, eat real food.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

Hello my faithful Tribe! Lately, I have been immersed in studying for my Precision Nutrition Certification and am loving every minute of it! I am learning so much and cannot wait to share my new nutrition knowledge with all of you soon. Side note: I have completed one third of the the course with six chapters down and only twelve chapters to go. However, today I want to do something a little different than what I nomally do.

How to Eat Healthy

I am a loyal reader of MindBodyGreen and watched a video recently that encapsulates a plethora of nutritional knowledge that I wish everyone knew. The interview is with Dr. Mark Hyman, a family physician, New York Times best-selling author, and internationally recognized speaker, leader and educator in the field of Functional Medicine. The interview is just under 25 minutes, so grab a hot cup of coffee and click directly on the image below to play the interview. If you are looking for Dr. Hyman’s rules on how to eat healthy without viewing the video interview, check out my list of his main points below!


Ten Tips for Eating Healthy

#1 Food has gotten so complicated. It’s really simple, just eat real, whole food.

#2 If you believe God lives in you, then why are you feeding Him crap? Leave the food that man made and eat the food that God made. #canigetanamen(Tweet this!)

#3 Avoid processed, sugar, trans fats, chemicals, additives, hormones and antibiotics, these are anti-nutrients.

#4 Some of the best foods on this planet are plant based foods. Think nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, and vegetables. Eat more of these!

#5 The quality of the food you eat is what really determines your health. What you eat becomes you immediately. Your micro-biome (the bugs living in your gut) change with every bite of food you take, so it matters what you are putting in your body. #youarewhatyoueat

#6 We all love sugar because we are programed to like sugar. In cavemen days, anything that tasted sweet in nature was safe to eat, while anything bitter  tasting was questionable. Americans consume, on average, 22 teaspoons of sugar a day! (Stop it people, you are all sweet enough already). We eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take for instance breakfast cereal, it is 75% sugar! It should be called dessert not breakfast. Bottom line on sugar: Sugar is okay to eat, but sugar is a recreational drug, so use it sparingly. (Just because you like tequila doesn’t mean you are going to have it everyday). #caseinpoint

#8 Healthy eating is more about the dietary composition of the food you choose to eat. It’s not so much about what you are eating, but the quality of what you are eating.

# 9 If you eat the right food and focus on the quality of your food, you do not have to worry about calories. It’s hard to control how much we eat, but we can control what we eat and that is the key.

#10 When you eat fat you become fat, false! Fat does not make you fat. It’s the quality of fat you are consuming. People who incorporate healthy fats into their daily diets lose weight, increase their metabolism, and lose belly fat.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to healthy eating, keep it simple guys: eat real, whole food and remember: you eat three to five meals a day, that is three to five opportunities to improve your health one meal at a time.

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,
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4 thoughts on “The Only Rules You Need to Eat Healthy

  1. Love this list, girl! It’s funny you mention breakfast cereal as a dessert because that’s exactly the way it was used in my house growing up. Only a treat, never a meal!

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