Whole30 Results

“Boom…done!” – Me

The results are in! As many of you know, I successfully completed my third Whole30 in honor of the Lenten season on Thursday, March 10th and have used the past 10 days to complete the reintroduction portion of the program. After 40 days of eating nothing, but real, whole, nutritious foods, I am finally ready to share my results with all of you!

Whole30 Results

Since this was my third Whole30, I knew what to expect, so I wanted to take this time and pay extra close attention to my body each day and take notes in my calendar planner so I could have an accurate record of all the changes I saw throughout my journey as well as exactly when those changes took place. Side note: Please keep in mind everybody and every body is different, so my experience will not necessarily be your experience if you decide to partake in your own Whole30. Here is what I noted on my journey.

Day 1: The struggle is SO real. Refer back to point two on my list of Ten Things I Learned from Whole30. 

Day 8: Improved digestion. #realtalk and #fairwarning of #TMI if you continue to read…Everybody poops and for someone who is not so regular (like myself), day 8 was the starting point of going once a day everyday from this day forward on my Whole30 journey. #lifechanging

Day 12: Ate until satiated. Usually I eat until my plate is empty, which is a clear indicator I should probably stop eating since all of the food is gone. #sosad However, on day 12 I noticed I stopped eating when I felt satiated (pleasantly full without feeling overly stuffed). Even if that meant leaving food on my plate.  This was a sign to me that my hormones were starting to regulate themselves again. Here is why: Leptin is a hormone that tells your body when you are satiated and that you have received enough nourishment and energy to stop eating. Your body is good to go! However, when you consume items like processed foods, sugar or other not so healthy items, this can disrupt the production of leptin, ultimately causing you to over eat. If the production of leptin in your system is off set, you will not feel satiated enough to stop eating. Therefore, you will continue to over eat and most likely consume hundreds of extra calories with little to no nutritional value. This is a concept known as “food without brakes,” which is covered in depth in “It Starts with Food.” I highly recommend you pick up a copy to better understand this life changing concept.

Day 18: Compliments on my clear skin. I have always struggled with clear skin throughout my entire life. Even into my late 20s I still have issues here and there, but after three weeks of Whole30, I started to get multiple compliments on my clear skin. Me with clear skin? #saywhat For someone who has always struggled in this area, these kinds of compliments meant so much to me. (Shoutout to all of those who noticed and said something, you know who you are!)

Day 19: Slayed the sugar dragon. I have always been a person with a #sweettooth especially after dinner. Whether I just ate something savory or salty, following it up with sugar just seems to be the perfect combo. However, on day 19 my sugar dragon (as Whole30 refers to sugar cravings as) disappeared. #boomgone

Day 22: Cheese please! I may have slayed my sugar dragon, but on day 22 all I wanted to do was face plant into the cheese display at my neighborhood Whole Foods. The cravings were so bad, I almost threw in the towel and called it quits, but alas, I was so close to the end of my Whole30, I couldn’t quit with roughly one week to go. #heckno

Day 30: I did it! #iamwhole30 Now it was time for the reintroduction. If you are wondering why there is a reintroduction component to Whole30, take a look at my last blog post where I explain the importance of the ten day reintroduction period.

Here is what I learned during my ten day reintroduction:

  • Legumes: Legumes cause me to bloat and feel icky while also slightly disrupting my digestion.
  • Gluten Free Grains: Gluten free grains cause me to feel bloated, give me an instant headache 20-30 minutes after consuming them and cause my joints to ache (cue my runner’s knee injury). My digestion was also slightly disrupted. #byebyechipsandsalsa #iwillmissyou
  • Dairy: #hellocheese I figured my digestion would be slightly disrupted from consuming dairy, which it was, but I also experienced slight joint pain in my knee again (not as much as I did with the gluten free grains though).
  • Grains with Gluten: Whole30 recommends you avoid reintroducing grains with gluten if you can since nothing good comes from gluten. At this time, I do not miss any foods with gluten (except pizza), so I am choosing not to reintroduce this food group back into my diet just yet. However, when the opportunity comes up and the timing is right, I will enjoy that first slice of za and will report back!

There are many other positive side effects from Whole30 that I have noticed in my life, far too many to list here, but if you are interested in learning more about these non-scale victories, take a look at the official Whole30 non-scale victory list. 

Finally, if any of you are wondering if I lost weight on Whole30, I can proudly say I did. Although weight loss was not my main goal, it is a pleasant side effect from the program. #notgoingtolie Here are the stats:

I lost a total of 5.7 pounds in 40 days on Whole30 (including the ten day reintroduction period).
Since January 1, 2016 I have lost a total of 8.7 pounds.

*Please keep in mind from January 1, 2016 until my first day of Whole30 on February 10, 2016 I was eating my version of “healthy foods” and was able to lose three pounds on my own in six weeks (daily exercise included). However, when I filled my body with real, whole, nutritious foods, I lost almost double the weight in the same amount of time with the same workout regiment.

Key take away from this entire experience: You cannot expect to see changes on the outside of your body, if you do not make any changes to what you put inside your body. (Tweet this!)

It’s been one heck of a Whole30 ride and I am so glad you all came along with me on my journey. Although this is just my first Whole30 for the year (one down, three to go) I will not go as in depth each time as I did this first round, but I hope you learned something through my experience and perhaps are even inspired to take start your own Whole30.

If you would like to learn more about Whole30, please check out their official website or if you want to take things a little slower, consider a Whole9 for starters!

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,
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5 thoughts on “Whole30 Results

  1. Thank you so much for sharing everything you learned!! I know I need to get a food journal like you and write down how I feel everyday. When you did this, did you take your journal with you and immediately write in it or write later in the day? I’m afraid I’d forget this but it’s something worthwhile doing like you noted to listen to what your body is telling you! I am so proud of you for completing another round! I’m sure it’s not always easy (but worth it) like when you wanted to face plant into the cheese display lol but great job for sticking with it!!

    And I cannot say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEE your statement at the end “ou cannot expect to see changes on the outside of your body, if you do not make any changes to what you put inside your body.” Because it’s SO STINKIN’ TRUE!!!!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No girl, thank YOU for following along on my journey not just during my Whole30, but all of my weekly blog posts! It means SO much to me words seriously cannot even begin to describe my appreciation and gratitude. I actually have a calendar planner that I use to plan my daily workouts in, so I would usually just leave it on my desk next to me at the office so when I noticed something I could easily grab it and write it down quickly. I also have a small blank notebook to write down anything longer than a couple words. I was also able to leave that out as well and jot down longer notes like during the reintroduction phase where I had a lot more to note. Sometimes if I did not write it down immediately, just having it next to me reminded me to add my notes when I had a spare moment throughout the course of the day. Even if that meant waiting until the end of the day when I was packing up to go home. Oh my gosh thank you so much for the congrats girl, totally easier some days than others like with most things in life, but so totally worth it in the end like you said! (And now I can have cheese whenever so life is much better haha). I am so glad you liked that quote! I heard it once somewhere and it just stuck. It was in that moment that it clicked for me -it makes total sense! -ox


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