Whole30 Reintroduction

“Cheese. Milk’s leap towards immorality.”
-Clifton Fadiman

Well, I did it. I completed my third Whole30! #iamwhole30 I started my journey in honor of the Lenten season on Wednesday, February 10th and finished this past Friday, March 10th. Upon completing my last week of Whole30, many people have asked me, “So what’s next?”

Whole30 Reintroduction

Most people think completing a Whole30 means it’s time to dive into the foods that have been off limits for the past 30 days. #treatyoself Wine, bread, cheese, pizza, pasta, pancakes, ice cream, you get the idea…However, what many people do not realize is that they have a very unique opportunity on their hands.

Think about it. You just spent the past 30 days eating nothing but real, whole, nutritious  foods. Nothing else! Your body is free from chemicals, sugars, artificial flavors, dyes and other additives. Your body, digestion, metabolism, and immune system are in tip top shape, so why disrupt everything all at once? Let’s say you wake up on day 31 and decide to treat yourself to a mimosa brunch with the girls followed by a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte. Later that night you go out on a pizza dinner date followed by a cookie covered in ice cream for dessert. Fast forward to the #morningafter when you are sleepy, sluggish, boated, achy and overall feel like sh*t! Was it the champagne from the mimosas? Maybe the soy milk in your latte?Did you wake up to sore joints from the cheese on the pizza? Does your stomach hurt from the gluten in the pizza crust or was it the processed pepperoni topping? And did that zit pop up from all that sugar in last night’s desert? #theworldmayneverknow This is why Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the founders of Whole30, strongly recommend you follow up a Whole30 with a 10 day reintroduction period.

For ten days, (days 31-40) you are advised to slowly, carefully, and systematically reintroduce the food groups you purposely eliminated from your diet over the past 30 days. Ultimately, keeping your diet as Whole30 compliant as possible, while reintroducing one food group at a time. Think of it like a science fair project. Whole30 approved foods are the control group and the “less healthy foods” are the variables.  Note to self: If you did not miss something, then do not reintroduce it. Here is what Whole30 recommends and is the same sample schedule I am currently following:

Day 31: Reintroduction of legumes, while keeping everything else Whole30 compliant. I did not miss too many legumes during my Whole30 journey, but there were moments when I missed a few specific foods in this particular group: peanut butter, popcorn and black beans, so this past week I reintroduced them! (Well everything, but the popcorn, but I did miss it and ultimately was just too full after dinner to have any).

Days 32 & 33: Eat Whole30 meals while paying extra close attention to how your body reacts and is effected by the legumes you recently reintroduced.

Day 34: Reintroduction of gluten free grains, while keeping everything else Whole30 compliant. I will be reintroducing this food group tomorrow (Monday) and plan on enjoying a slice or two of gluten free bread, a handful of corn tortilla chips with salsa and possibly some rice depending how I feel. #olay (I am really exited about the chips and salsa).

Days 35 & 36: Eat Whole30 meals while paying extra close attention to how your body reacts and is effected by the gluten free grains you recently reintroduced.

Day 37: Reintroduction of dairy, while keeping everything else Whole30 compliant. For all of my loyal readers who have been following Three to Five a Day each week, specifically my Whole30 posts, you know that all I want to eat is cheese! #cheeseplease I cannot wait to enjoy this delicious dairy goodness on Thursday. As of now, I plan on possibly having some yogurt, cheese on my salad and maybe a cheese stick with lunch or dinner. I will do my best to NOT eat the entire cheese wheel, but #nopromises

Days: 38 & 39: Eat Whole30 meals while paying extra close attention to how your body reacts and is effected by the dairy you recently reintroduced.

Day: 40 Reintroduction of gluten grains, while keeping everything else Whole30 compliant. This group is a bit unique from the other three food groups because since nothing good can come from gluten, Whole30 recommends not reintroducing this food group if at all possible. However, if you did miss foods from this group, then feel free to reintroduce them as you see fit! (I plan on reintroducing whole grain oat meal).

If this 10 day reintroduction is too aggressive for you, take your time! Listen to your body and do what feels right. Here is a modified reintroduction plan for those who want to #slowtheirroll Remember, everybody and every body is different! 

Stay tuned for my Whole30 wrap up next week where I will share my results (both externally and internally) as well as a recap of my 10 day reintroduction period.

30 days down, 0 days to go…
3 days of reintroduction down, 7 days to go.
(So close to pizza, yet oh so far).

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,
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