Half Way Through Whole30

“The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.”
-Melissa Hartwig, It Starts with Food

Welp, I am more than half way through my third Whole30. The first one of 2016. #iamwhole30 Wondering exactly what I am talking about? Take a look at my last blog post covering the basics of Whole30.

I was in need of a good laugh last night and turned to a movie I have not watched since college, “Over the Hedge.” Although it’s an animated movie, I have come to realize those can be the best for a good laugh. Leave it to me, a nutritionist at heart, to turn a kid’s movie into a blog post…#kidatheart  (Movie Recap: RJ the raccoon steals a bear’s wagon full of junk food, which the bear has saved for himself after he wakes up from his winter hibernation. The bear wakes up early and catches RJ stealing all of the junk food, think chips, cookies, candy, etc. RJ promises to recollect all of the food in one week’s time. However, he cannot do it alone. Luckily, he comes across a clan of forest creatures, who he recruits to help him gather all of the food he owes the bear. Before they help RJ out though, RJ must convince them of this so called “good food,” which the forest creatures have never seen or eaten before. These forest animals have only been living off of real, whole food, all of which is found in nature, so RJ introduces them to junk food in hopes of convincing them to help on his mission). This scene sums it up perfectly right here. 

“That my friend is a magical combination of corn flour, dehydrated cheese solid, BHA, BHT, and good old MSG, aka the chip, nacho cheese flavored.” -RJ the Raccoon

It’s a funny scene in the movie, but it also can be taken rather seriously because of how accurate it really is. I had to look up some of those ingredients just to figure out exactly what they are…doesn’t that sound wrong right there? I had to look up ingredients to see what exactly makes up the food I am eating. (Well not eating currently, but you get the idea). Shouldn’t what you eat be simple and self-explanatory? If I am eating an apple shouldn’t the ingredient just be-apple and nothing else? #ithinkso This is why it is extremely important to read your labels whether you are on Whole30 or not! I cannot emphasize this enough. Do you really know what you are eating? Turn over the package in your hand and read the label to find out, you may be very surprised! Side note: I guarantee sugar (or another word for it) is within the top three ingredients…#sugarsugar

When I completed my first two Whole30’s, I lived off of eggs and homemade organic pork sausage patties for breakfast, but after two rounds of Whole30 and this combo as a breakfast staple, I needed something else. I was on a mission to find Whole30 approved bacon and guess what, thanks to Whole Foods, I found some! I felt like Charlie when he finds the golden ticket to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…mmm, chocolate…#becauseivegotagoldenticket I digress! The winner was, drum roll please, Pederson’s Natural Farms Bacon.

When I posted on my Instagram account that I had found Whole30 approved bacon, #victoryismine someone commented and almost laughed saying, “Bacon isn’t a whole food?” No my friend, unfortunately it is not, well depending on the type you purchase. Most packaged bacon has added sugar along with other ingredients I cannot even begin to pronounce nor really know from common knowledge what they are. Let’s be honest, who wants to have to look up a giant list of ingredients anyways? Now on the other hand, Pederson’s Bacon has the following ingredients: pork, water, less than 2% salt, vinegar, celery powder. Wait, what? Yes, you just read that correctly. These are all ingredients you can pronounce and most likely already know what they are. #amazing

My point is, you can still enjoy food on Whole30, because what you are truly eating is actually real food-nothing else added. Isn’t that comforting and reassuring? What you are eating for 30 days is actual food. Like the quote at the beginning of today’s post reads, “The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.” You just have to plan accordingly, do your research and read labels! #itsthatsimple

If you are currently on a Whole30, I know you can do this. If you are thinking about a Whole30, you can totally do this! Look at me, I am almost complete with my third Whole30 and will have 3 more to go for the year 2016. I cannot wait to share with you my blog post on my results, so stay tuned!

*A special shout out to my Mom who is just past the half way point on her second Whole30, but this time is managing it on her own as my father has chosen to sit this one out. Being the only one in a household not completely Whole30 compliant is quite the feat-you’ve got this Mom! I know you can do this. Don’t give up!


19 days down, 11 days to go…Until next time.

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,
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