I Want Candy

“I want candy.” -Aaron Carter (and pretty much everyone of us at one point in our lives).

Shoutout to all those ex-AC and Lizzie McGuire fans.

Confession: I am not perfect. #truestory As much as I would like to think I am the poster child for all things healthy living, I am not. (Gasp). Every Sunday morning, I sit down with a hot cup of coffee in hand as I plan my workouts and healthy meals for the week ahead. Working out has never been the issue for me though, it is in the kitchen where the real struggle lies.

I had one of the most stressful weeks at work this past week (I blame Mercury being in retrograde). When you are feeling like Tuesday should already be Thursday, you know you are in for the long haul…

I could feel myself starting to slip by Wednesday as I was beginning to crave simple sugars for some quick energy (i.e. chips, candy, crackers, chocolate, you get the idea). I knew my body wasn’t really wanting these foods, but instead it was craving much needed rest as I was searching high and low for energy sources. As hard as I tried to get a good nights rest Wednesday night, sleep eluded me and the week finally caught up to me by the next day.

A harmless Target run with my co-worker and friend Thursday afternoon yielded a bag of must have items including eye makeup remover, face wash, body lotion and a bag of tootsie rolls. I must have blacked out during my walk down the candy aisle as my cravings for quick energy inundated my better judgement. I promptly started popping tootsie rolls the minute we left the store, but it didn’t stop there. I kept grabbing one after another the entire afternoon while sitting at my desk. I was a woman possessed.

Needless to say the entire 12 ounce bag was gone by the end of the work day. Yep you read that right, one entire 12 ounce bag of tootsie rolls…Gone. No help from anyone except me, myself and I. (Not my finest hour). I may as well have purchased high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and grabbed a spoon. I felt awful the rest of the day and didn’t eat anything else. Not for punishment (granted I didn’t need anymore calories, let’s be real), but because I was so full. If the saying, “You are what you eat” rings true then I was indeed a tootsie roll on Thursday. #owningit

Although Fridays are my rest days, I woke up and made it a point to move and have an active rest day. I tossed my Ventra card aside and took advantage of the January heatwave in Chicago (yes, 43 degrees in January is considered a heatwave). #midwestproblems

Later that morning I was sharing my candy catastrophe from the day before with my good friend. I explained how I knew better and was so upset with myself for eating countless candies just 18 hours prior. She asked me if the situation were reversed, how I would respond to her if she were the one telling me the same story. I thought about it for a minute…I told her I would say, “#1 That is impressive that you ate an entire bag of tootsie rolls in one day and #2 Sh*t happens. That’s life.” She kindly reminded me that I would never tell her she is a horrible person and failed miserably at healthy eating for having a bad moment, so why would I be so negative towards myself and add self loathing on my morning list of things to do?

[Side note: I am so sick of people saying I ate (insert “bad” food here) so that means it was a bad day of eating for me. No way Jose! If you ate xyz then that sounds like a delicious day to me. The point here is what are you doing around eating that “bad” food choice to balance it out?]

I may have eaten an entire bag of Tootsie rolls on Thursday, like I said, not my finest hour, but I still got up Friday and walked 3 miles to and from work, I had oatmeal for breakfast followed by tons of water, and got to bed early that night for a solid sweat sesh Saturday morning. I even lost one pound this week. #winning Disclaimer: I am by no means saying to run out to the nearest store and purchase a bag of tootsie rolls and start the tootsie roll diet, but the bottom line here is one bad food choice is not going to derail your entire healthy lifestyle. 

You have three to five opportunities each and every day to make healthy choices when it comes to putting food on your plate and in your body. I am not going to lie, I made a pretty bad choice this week, but the point is I didn’t let a bad moment sabotage the rest of my week. Cut yourself some slack people, you are human and sh*t happens! Maybe you made a bad choice for one meal, but there are still two to four more opportunities to make good decisions each day. Do your best and remember, you are human!

Live Healthy, Happy & Fabulously,

4 thoughts on “I Want Candy

  1. You write so well! I love it. Have to say that first. Secondly been there done that. And you’re right the world doesn’t end and our healthy lifestyle isn’t ruined. I’ve had an eating dies order for a long time (binging) and so I totally relate. And I LOVE the you are what you eat.. When I eat crappy foods I feel crapoy!

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    1. You are the sweetest, thank you! I totally agree. I too have struggled with eating too little, eating too much, eating all the foods, so I totally understand! I hope to embody that in this blog and future posts to let others know they aren’t alone and we should talk about this stuff. I mean let’s be real with each other so we can help each other!


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