Happy New Year!

“I could write a blog, I have thoughts.” – Julie Powell, Julie & Julia.

I could blog about that.

I have been told by many people, both family and friends alike, that I should start a blog. I enjoy writing, I am good at it (or so I am told) and I have thoughts to share, but I never wanted to start a blog unless I had something to write about. Not just any something though. It had to be something I was passionate about. Something I would want to get up and be excited about every day…

In 2014, I was working at one of the worst jobs in the world, think cold calling making 75+ phone calls a day, #awful. Even though that was one of the worst times in my life, I am grateful for that experience because it taught me not only what I do NOT want to do with my life (which is just as important as knowing what you DO want to do with your life), but it led me to my passion, a passion for nutrition.

As I mentioned in my All About Ashley portion of this blog, I am a self-proclaimed health and fitness junkie and it is true. I have always been an active individual, playing sports ever since the fifth grade and continuing my active lifestyle into adulthood. However, along the way I have found myself underweight, overweight, in shape, out of shape and everywhere in between. (By everything in between I mean eating an entire bag of Cheetos for dinner one night then eating nothing but pure protein the next day…that diet only for about 12 hours).

During my 28 years of life, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many miles you run or how many stairs you climb or how many reps you do at the gym. If you really want to see results as well as look and feel good about yourself, it all starts with food.

Most people eat three to five meals a day. That is three to five opportunities each and every day to either fuel your body with nourishing good for you food or not. And hey, it is all about balance, so don’t expect me to say don’t eat that slice of deep dish pizza because I will say do it and enjoy every bite, but what I have really come to learn is nutrition is a delicate balance of properly fueling yourself yet also enjoying your life.

In this blog, I hope to share with you helpful information in the form of recipes, scientific facts on nutrition, as well as my own personal experience on my own journey, working to form a healthy and balanced relationship with food. I hope you will join me on this blogging adventure as we embark on 2016 together. Cheers!

Live Happy, Healthy & Fabulously,

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