Eat Real Food

“Live foods support life.” -Alex Cotie, RD, LDN Eat real food. This was the main piece of advice¬†Alex Cotie gave¬†this past week when I had the privilege of attending her seminar at NTC’s “Workshop Wednesday.” Alex is a part of the team at Sport Fuel, personalized nutrition services for everyday people and oh, did I […]

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I Want Candy

“I want candy.” -Aaron Carter (and pretty much everyone of us at one point in our lives). Confession: I am not perfect. #truestory As much as I would like to think I am the poster child for all things healthy living, I am not. (Gasp). Every Sunday morning, I sit down with a hot cup […]

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Happy New Year!

“I could write a blog, I have thoughts.” – Julie Powell, Julie & Julia. I have been told by many people, both family and friends alike, that I should start a blog. I enjoy writing, I am good at it (or so I am told) and I have thoughts to share, but I never wanted […]

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