Why You Should Go Apple Picking

“Apple picking is my favorite, it’s like my Christmas.” – Me Happy Apple Picking Season Three to Five Tribe! At the start of October, I wrote a post featuring a fall favorite, pumpkins! There is another fall favorite of mine though and that is apples. For me, Fall means skipping through apple orchards, a mug of steaming hot […]

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Health & Wellness Podcasts

“So…I was listening to a podcast…” – Me, at least once every day  Hi Three to Five Tribe! If any of you know me you know I LOVE podcasts. Nowadays, I usually start off a conversation by saying, “So…I was listening to a podcast.” (If you are someone who is near and dear to me, […]

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The Most Frequently Asked Question

“The Slow Roll Reintroduction is for people who feel so amazing post-Whole30 that they’re not ready to reintroduce less healthy foods just for the sake of reintroducing them.” -Melissa Hartwig, The Whole30 Hi Three to Five Tribe! I have completed three out of my four Whole30s for the year, with my second Whole30 evolving into a Whole60. #Day71 […]

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